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Welcome to Banc Organics!

Banc Organics is a not-for-profit community supported food scheme which grows Organic* vegetables and fruit in Bancffosfelen and distributes them in the Gwendraeth valleys. Our members get a weekly Organic fruit and veg bag delivered to a pick up point near their home. Much of our work is done by volunteers, and we encourage our members to get involved in growing their food, as well as getting to know each other.

We are a small group of people who want to provide fresh, Organic, local food for ourselves, our families and our communities.We are now in our seventh year of producing vegetables and fruit from our two growing sites in Bancffosfelen. Most of the hard work so far has been done by dedicated volunteers, though we hope to eventually pay our main workers for more of their time.

The idea is that our members tell us what they’d like us to grow and we grow it for them. Our members commit to buying the produce in a weekly vegetable bag and we commit to supplying a great value bag of fresh Organic vegetables every week all year round.

∗ Our produce is registered Organic with the [Biodynamic Association]

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In This Week's Bag

Sunday February 17th

We've had fantastic warm days! Really like spring! Interestingly, at this time of year it helps the new crops to grow and fill out quicker -and it also helps to finish off those that have battled through the winter - the kale is now looking rather more sparse - cavalo nero especially is almost finished; and not much left of the others. Cauliflowers are coming; broccoli is keeping us waiting! fortunately we can buy in good quality broccoli and purple sprouting. A flush of gorgeous watercress and salad has been brought forward by the warm weather - and it will probably finish off those plants in a few weeks as they try to flower! We are also drawing to the end of our carrots...they did so well and have lasted longer than expected.

Sadly no more persimmons available; they really seem to carry summer sweetness in them; but excellent spanish oranges and mandarins still available Bags this week will contain a selection from potatoes, onions or red onions, carrots, beetroot, cauliflower or kale, leeks, watercress or mixed salad, fennel, peppers, garlic and ginger, or chard; and maybe swede, parsnips, squash, broccoli, chinese cabbage or savoy cabbage.

Ty'r Eithin is up on a draughty hillside so our spring comes a little later than other people's - but even here we now have plenty of frog spawn in the pond!

Please place orders by midnight on Tuesday and help us to re-use and recycle by returning all bags and punnets.

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Our cattle are Welsh black or Welsh Black crosses, individually named, known and petted! All are born and bred at Ty’r Eithin where they graze our flower rich meadows.. For the last three years we have also grazed on the common at Mynydd Llangyndeyrn.

These animals grow slowly, eating a varied and natural diet; our meat is hung for 3 weeks to develop the flavour. It is now official,that organic meat contains 50% more beneficial omega fatty acids than non-organic. (British Journal of Nutrition).
It tastes amazing, we believe you cannot get better meat!

We have 10kg packs available from time to time. All vacuum packed , clearly labelled, delivered and ready for the freezer, in a complete range of available cuts including steaks, roasts, stewing, slow roasts etc.

Price per pack delivered is £9.90 /kg.

Half packs may be available, please ask.

To order please ring Tony or Sue Mathews, 01269 870720

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Contact Us

  • Banc Organics 01269 870101
  • Martin Samphire 07530 786838
  • You may also contact us through our Facebook page.

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How It Works

The scheme runs all year round. Nearly all of the produce is grown in Bancffosfelen, although we do buy in some organic vegetables if the need arises.

  1. Large Bag: £16.50, Medium Bag: £12.25, Small Bag: £9, Large Growers Choice Bag £13.50, Small Growers Choice bag £8, Delivery £1.75, and lastly your can choose and fill your own bag with your favourites via our online Bucky Box Shop.
  2. If you become a member, pay an annual fee of £10 and receive a 5% discount on all bags.
  3. If you want to join but can’t afford it, please talk to us. Some households may also be eligible for vouchers towards the cost of fresh vegetables. ( )
  4. You can exclude items you never want to receive.
  5. The weekly bags are taken to “Pick up” points called Hubs near to where you live in Carmarthenshire
  6. Visit our online shop to see our range of produce.
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Day-to-day management of Banc Organics is in the hands of a core group of interested people. They are:

  • Martin Samphire (Top Meadow)
  • Sue and Tony Mathews (Ty’r Eithin Farm)
  • Sian Barlow
  • Sue Bilsborough

The overall management of Banc Organics is through Ty’r Eithin Farm Ltd, a charitable company, based at Tireithin Farm, Bancffosfelen, SA15 5BR.

  • Charity no: 513880
  • Company no: 1729874
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What We Ask of You

  • We ask you to support us by paying through a Standing Order with your bank. This makes our lives much easier.
  • If you are going to be away, we ask you to do your best to find a friend or neighbour who will have your bag of vegetables.
  • We ask for notice of your Membership ending or for changing the size of your bag or your preferences.

Terms and Conditions

If you have trouble with payments please talk to us.

Where you pay by cash or cheque we cannot make any guarantee as to when this will be paid into our account.

We reserve the right to refuse deliveries to you and to cancel your account where payment(s) have been withheld. You agree to compensate us in full for all reasonable costs and expenses (including legal costs) in obtaining payments that have not been made in accordance with these terms and conditions.

[14 July 2017]We have acquired some land that is currently in the process of conversion to attain Biodynamic standards. While the produce cannot be certified Organic, we will at no time be using chemicals to grow our fruit and vegetables.

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You Can Join In

Volunteers are always welcome. If you would like to take part, for as little or as much time as you can spare, here is some information about getting involved. If you'd like to find out more get in touch by clicking here and phone or email us.

We hold regular “Farm Days” (about once per month), where members are encouraged to come to one of our growing sites and see what is involved in growing their food. We also hold social events for our members and the local community.

Every Tuesday morning we meet to garden and work (Sian in the office; Sue and Martin in the garden). Midway through the morning we stop for elevenses, including from time to time treats brought in by volunteers.

We provide a newsletter for members, keeping you up-to-date about the garden and events, and giving recipe ideas for your vegetables.

We host an annual Harvest Supper where we meet to share food and inspiration. This is also an opportunity for members to feedback about what we should grow next year and how Banc Organics develops in the future.

We encourage help and involvement from members, but there is no obligation. You can learn to grow food by joining in our Tuesday morning volunteer sessions. Or you can help with distribution or administration, or organising fun events, or just by sharing favourite recipes. Out of pocket expenses such as travel costs can be reimbursed.

We welcome comments and suggestions from members. Please discuss any ideas or concerns you have with a core group member who will pass them on. Anyone who can commit a little time can join the core group.

Every second Tuesday evening (between 8pm and 10pm normally) the core group meets. We would love some reps from our volunteers and members to join, so if you're interested please let me know.

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