Banc Organics


First of all-Welcome to our new members this year. Hope you will eat and play and even work with us sometimes! We're well into our fourth season with growing and picking and packing and delivering. It was a slow start in the garden after the poor spring but now stuff is coming good. Hope you've noticed and you're enjoying the veg. Those lovely strawberries won't go on for ever though! Do give us some feedback, especially if you're pleased.

Feedback helps when we apply for funding which we will be again. We have secured some funding this year to pay Martin, one of our chief growers, a little money, and we are now employing Suzy to help with admin. You may have seen that we're also taking on a paid worker to develop membership and seek more funding so that we can keep the prices down. Thanks particularly to Sian and Sue M for all the work they've done making applications to organizations that may like what we do.

We like what we do. Hope you do too.

To illustrate the fine value of our bags: Martin compared a small bag (£6.50) the other week with the same items in the same quantities at a well known supermarket. The same bag would have cost £11 buying from them.

I expect you know that Tuesday mornings are the time when you're very welcome to come along and help in the garden. It's such a pleasure working in a garden with others even if you can't do much or spare much time. But there are other ways you can help if you want to. Admin tasks, delivering, even child care all help overworked gardeners.

In an effort to help us some of you are returning random plastic bags and various rigid punnet type boxes to us. This is thoughtful but not helpful cos we only end up having to recycle them. We are very glad to have the bags and boxes that we send out retuned to us but no others please.

It 's coming up to potato picking time again. Fun for all the family! We have had lovely times with children thrilling to the discovery of potatoes so easily found below ground. We will have a picnic at Ti'r eithin and Sue M will probably provide us with tea and a delicious cake; bring meat, fish or veggie burgers to singe together, sorry cook, and maybe a folding chair if you're my age. Come and carve some of the many courgettes and marrows that are stacking up in the garden. The more outrageous shape the better! And have a look round Sue M's lovely garden. We'll provide salads and puds. It will be on Friday evening 16 th August 6.30 on.