Pumpkin piepumpkin pie


from Martin


Ingredients: (those marked * are available from Banc Organics)

  • 500g/1lb of any kind of squash* (peel and cut into chunks).
  • 3 eggs
  • ½ pint cream
  • 6/8oz soft brown sugar
  • Spices according to taste e.g. 2 tbsp cinnamon, 1 tsp mixed spice, pinch of nutmeg, ginger etc.



  • Steam the squash, then drain off excess liquid.
  • Blend squash together with the eggs, cream, and soft brown sugar.
  • Add the spices.


Ingredients for the pastry

  • 2oz butter
  • 4oz plain flour
  • 1oz caster sugar
  • 1½ tbsp. milk
  • A pinch of salt.



  • Rub butter and flour together.
  • Add caster sugar, milk and salt.
  • Rest for 10 mins in a cool place.


Roll out pastry to cover the squash mixture in your pie dish, then place in a hot oven for 10 mins. Then turn down heat for the next 40 mins until pastry rises up and goes firm.


When a knife comes out clean, the pie is ready.