About us

What matters to us and what we do

we grow organic

We grow healthy, nutritious vegetables and fruit to the highest ethical standards.

No pesticides, no herbicides – just good, fresh food.

we support local

We work with other local growers and producers because no-one cares more about our area than the people who live here. We provide meaningful jobs that contribute to the local economy, making our corner of South Wales a better place to live. 

we protect biodiversity & care for the living land

The twin crises of the climate emergency and loss of biodiversity are the biggest challenges of our age. We have a responsibility to act for the wellbeing of future generations, and we want to leave the world a better place for those that come after us.

we contribute to our community

People are at the heart of what we do. We bring people together at regular events like open days, film screenings, garden tours and shared meals. We are a part of this community, and a hub around which people can connect with each other, share knowledge and passion, make memories and develop friendships. 

The banc organics story

Banc Organics is a community supported food scheme which grows organic vegetables and fruit in Carmarthenshire and distributes them locally. We started in winter 2009/10. Much of our work was by volunteers and we grew from a band of enthusiastic amateurs to a much admired professional growing outfit.

In 2020 we relaunched as a new Community Interest Company (CIC), Gwendraeth Organic CIC. This means our customers can be members and have a vote in decisions and for the board of the company. Effectively, members along with the workers own the company, as it is with the Co-op.

We are excited by the opportunities that we have as a relaunched enterprise to make a bigger impact for the better for the environment, local community and economy and to the quality of the food that you eat.

Our team

Alex Nicholas


Lauren Faithfull

marketing and social impact coordinator

Rita Palmieri

Picking, packing and delivery

Board of directors

Roger Hitchings, Nicky Matcher,
Alex Nicholas, Lauren Faithfull,
Carolyn Moody, Tasha Reilly,
Keri Stocks and Dave Ricketts

How to get involved

help us out

Much of our work is done by volunteers, and we encourage our members to get involved in growing their food, as well as getting to know each other…

Become A Member

All customers are encouraged to become members of our community interest company and have a stake in our enterprise…

subscribe for veg

 We offer a range of seasonal fruit and veg boxes. If you take out a weekly or fortnightly subscription, it helps our enterprise, and you save money too…