christmas delivery info

As Christmas Eve falls on a Friday this year, we have decided to deliver Thursday 23rd December. Consequently between juggling our supplier’s festive requirements and the move in our delivery date a fair bit of reorganising has been required on our part to accommodate all the changes. I hope that the following is clear, but if not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The shop is now open for Thursday 23rd December deliveries. This means that when you go to the shop, you have to choose the delivery date you would like.  There is a drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the shop page, please double check the delivery date before completing your order.

December delivery dates

Friday December 17th

Order by 9pm Sunday 12th December

Thursday 23rd December

Order by 9pm Sunday 19th December*

*If you can, place your Christmas order by 9pm Sunday December 12th. You can still order until December 19th, but stock will be limited after the 12th. Because of the way the dates fall and our supplier’s delivery dates, we are having to estimate demand. We will have extra veg bags and a selection of other items available in the shop, but these will be limited in number. To ensure that you get what you need for the big day, we advise you to put your order in as early as you can.

If you have a subscription with us, you will get a veg bag as usual on Thursday 23rd December. If you wish to cancel your subscription bag for the 23rd December delivery, please let us know by 9pm Sunday 12th December.

There will be NO deliveries between Christmas and the New Year. This means that the next delivery after Christmas will be Friday 7th January.

This is all a bit different, but I’ll be sending out your reminder emails as usual with what is happening each particular week, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your orders in.

If you have any questions or queries at all, please just drop us a line

Bag contents – delivery Thursday 23rd December

Christmas Dinner bag (large/small)

Potatoes (2kg/1kg)

Onions (500g/250g)

Carrots (600g/300g)

Brussels sprouts (500g/250g)

Parsnips (500g/250g)

Garlic (2 bulbs/1 bulb)

Savoy cabbage



Large Premium bags

Potatoes – 1.6kg

Rainbow carrots – 600g

Onions – 500g

Leeks – 500g

Cavolo Nero – 200g

Mushrooms – 250g

Pointy peppers – 2

Cherry tomatoes – 275g

Red onion squash



Medium Premium bags

Potatoes – 1.2kg

Rainbow carrots – 450g

Onions – 400g

Leeks – 375g

Cavolo Nero – 200g

Mushrooms – 200g

Pointy peppers – 2

Cherry tomatoes – 225g

Red onion squash


Small Premium bags

Potatoes – 0.9kg

Rainbow carrots – 300g

Onions – 300g

Leeks – 250g

Cavolo Nero – 200g

Mushrooms – 150g

Pointy peppers – 1

Cherry tomatoes – 175g


Large bargain bags

Potatoes 1.6kg

Carrots 600g

Onions 500g

Swede 650g

Beetroot 250g

Broccoli 300g

Yellow pepper 250g


Sprout tops

Red cabbage


Small bargain bags

Potatoes 0.9kg

Carrots 300g

Onions 300g

Swede 300g

Beetroot 125g

Broccoli 150g

Yellow pepper 150g



Traditional bags

Potatoes 2kg

Carrots 600g

Onions 500g

Leeks 400g

Swede 650g

Red cabbage

Broccoli 300g



Large fruit and nut box

Chestnuts 250g

Walnuts 250g

Hazelnuts 250g

Dates 250g

Clementines 1kg

Pomegranate 1

Pineapple 1


Large fruit and nut box

Chestnuts 200g

Walnuts 200g

Dates 200g

Clementines 700g

Pomegranate 1