As for everyone this crisis means a lot of challenges. As a food production and delivery enterprise we have a vital role to play keeping everyone safe and fed during the pandemic. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING-


-If you have to stay at home because of infection or susceptibility you can claim free home delivery at checkout of the webshop, please use this facility rather than endangering yourselves or others.

– we have tighten our hygiene procedures, and taken what measures we can to avoid contamination. Please do your part to keep safe.

-We are suspending the reuse of packaging apart from the boxes and bags you delivery comes in. All our other packaging is biodegradable and the bags can be disposed of you domestic compost.

-Home deliveries- Delivery drivers are instructed to ring/knock and leave the delivery at your door or in your specified safe place. Please respect you distance from them.

-Hub deliveries. We are continuing hub deliveries for the coming week but will keep this under review. Please observe scrupulous hygiene when picking up- wash hands before and after. Some of the hubs are at people homes. They will be instructed not to take bags in, so pick up your bags on promptly and respect their safety.

-We are experiencing unprecedented demand, please be patient if your deliveries are a bit later than normal. We will close the shop early in the order cycle to new customers, to protect the interests of our existing customers, if it looks as though demand will exceed our capacity to deliver.

-We are an open, community organisation your suggestions and input are always welcome- now more than ever.


If you are self-isolating, confined to your home due to the COVID-19 virus and live in our delivery areas we will deliver your order of organic fresh produce to your door for no additional charge.

As a community social enterprise, we feel we should do our bit in these difficult times. So if you are being socially responsible we will support you giving you free home delivery.

What could be better than fresh fruit and vegetables to keep you healthy?

Whilst we can’t claim any miraculous healing or protective powers from our organic produce, we are sure it can’t be a bad thing to eat well. We also feel that the importance of local production and short supply chains for our essentials is more obvious than ever.