we have a favour to ask…

We have a favour to ask. It’s no secret that the past 18 months have been hard, in so many different ways. At Banc Organics, 2020 was the year that we launched as a community interest company, and we planned to meet lots of new people, speak to people about our mission of producing good food, involving the community and protecting the environment, thus providing organic, locally grown food to more and more people in our local area. We created new jobs in an area where jobs can be hard to find, and we were all set. Then, the pandemic meant that we couldn’t fulfil most of our plans, and while we’re proud of the helping hand we have reached out, we’re now the ones who need to ask for help.

Not being able to get out into the community and grow our business in the way we intended means that we’re now facing a serious financial crisis. We’re doing everything we can to counter this – we know we’re doing good, important work, and we want to carry on walking along this path with all you brilliant people who believe in the things we do and have offered your incredible support.

So we have a favour to ask. Our deadline is 8pm tomorrow for delivery this Friday. Please shop with us. Every time you do, you make a difference, and not only to us, but to the very concept of local business, local economies and strong communities. It’s really, really hard to be a small business – ask anyone’s who runs one, or works in one, and they’ll tell you. And once we’re gone, it’ll be really hard to carve out that space again for another organisation like ours. The odds are stacked against people trying to do the ethical thing – tax cuts, subsidies and bailouts aren’t for the likes of us. But we’re sure that if we can just weather the storm of the next few months, we CAN build the business the way we were supposed to over the past year and a half.

We’ve got lots more to say over the next couple of weeks about this – our plans, our dreams, our strategy – but for now, if you could just try us out if you’re new, pop an extra treat in your basket if you’re already with us, come back if you’ve left us, that would be ace. We know that not everyone is in a position to shop with us – it is more expensive to shop locally, and we totally understand that not everyone can – then a like, a share, a word to friends and family all are super helpful, too. Thanks for reading, and have a lovely week.

The Banc Organics team X