Gorgeous christmas wreaths from Carmarthenshire cut flowers

Christmas is far and yet near, so here are some beautiful wreaths made by Karis of Carmarthenshire Cut Flowers. Karis began growing flowers in spring of this year, and has just gone from strength to strength! She has years of experience growing using organic methods (so she fits right in here!) and these beautiful wreaths are made with spruce and eucalyptus foliage, dried fruit, poppy seed heads, cinnamon and pine cones (the one pictured doesn’t have the cinnamon or pine cones yet, but yours will come fully adorned!). As each one is carefully and attentively handmade, these are very limited in number, so please do let me know if you’d like to reserve one. They are 12 inches diameter, and cost £25 each. They will be on our shop soon, but like I said, it would be wise to email and reserve if they take your fancy!