new this week

Tuesday 23rd February 2021…

New in the shop

The first for our season’s cauliflowers are coming through on our Kidwelly growing site, and will be in the shop this week.

Click here for a recipe for baked cauliflower with an Asian twist to beat the winter blues.

From our wholesaler, we have some small green squash from Holland to try, and the butternut squashes are smaller and therefore cheaper than usual. 

What's in the bag

This week we have potatoes, carrots, onions and leeks in all bags.
Our premium bags will have kohl rabi, cucumber, spring onions and cherry tomatoes, with cauliflower in the mediums and added spinach in the large.
Our bargain bags will have cabbage, beets, courgette and red peppers, with added spinach and cucumber in the large.
Our trad bags will have cabbage, parsnips, swede  and cauliflower.    
The fruit box will have apples, bananas, mandarins, grapes and pears.

All items are subject to change depending on availability on packing day.
As always, if you prefer to make up your own order, then you can do so by choosing your favourite items from those in the shop, as well as adding from our range of dried foods, local honey and apple juice. You can also set up a subscription with us if you haven’t already to make sure that you never miss out on your regular veg delivery.

If you have any empty bags or boxes, please do pass these to your driver on Friday. Orders by Tuesday 8pm for delivery on Friday afternoon.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Yr wythnos hon mae gennym ni datws, moron, winwns a chennin ym mhob bag.
Bydd ein bagiau premiwm yn cynnwys kohl rabi, ciwcymbr, winwns gwanwyn a thomatos ceirios, gyda blodfresych yn y canolig a sbigoglys yn y mawr.
Bydd ein bagiau bargen yn cynnwys bresych, betyd, corbwmpen a phupur coch, gyda sbigoglys a chiwcymbr yn y mawr.
Bydd ein bagiau traddodiadol yn cynnwys bresych, pannas, erfin a blodfresych.
Bydd y blwch ffrwythau yn cynnwys afalau, bananas, mandarinau, grawnwin a gellyg.

Gall pob eitem newid yn dibynnu ar argaeledd ar ddiwrnod pacio. Os mae’n well gyda chi wneud eich archeb eich hun, yna gallwch wneud hynny trwy ddewis eich hoff eitemau gan y rhai yn y siop, ac ychwanegu o’n hamrywiaeth o fwydydd sych, mêl a sudd afal.
Os oes gennych unrhyw fagiau neu flychau gwag, rhowch nhw i’ch gyrrwr ddydd Gwener. Archebion erbyn dydd Mawrth 8pm i’w danfon brynhawn Gwener.
Diolch yn fawr am eich cefnogaeth.
Lauren and the team at Banc Organics