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What's in the bag

Order by 8pm Tuesday 30th November for delivery Friday 3rd December.

All bags will have potatoes, carrots and onions.

Our premium bags will have rainbow carrots instead of orange carrots, Banc Brussels sprouts, cavolo Nero, courgette, yellow pepper and cocktail tomatoes, with Banc cauliflower in the mediums and added Banc purple broccoli in the large.
Our bargain bags will have Banc Brussels sprouts, beetroot, Banc cabbage, turnips and kale, with added leeks and celeriac in the large.

Our traditional bags will have Banc cabbage, Banc Brussels sprouts, leeks, swede and turnips.

The fruit box will have Rosemary Russet apples, oranges, bananas, kumquats and pineapple.


All items are subject to change depending on availability on packing day.

As always, if you prefer to make up your own order, then you can do so by choosing your favourite items from those in the shop, as well as adding from our range of dried foods, local honey and apple juice. You can also set up a subscription with us if you haven’t already to make sure that you never miss out on your regular veg delivery.

If you have any empty bags or boxes, please do pass these to your driver on Friday. Orders by Tuesday 8pm for delivery on Friday afternoon.