new this week

What's in the bag

This week we have potatoes, carrots, onions in all bags.

Our premium bags will have flat beans, red pepper, purple sprouting broccoli, cherry tomatoes and chicory, with lettuce in the mediums and added spinach in the large.

Our bargain bags will have mini chard, leeks, green pointed pepper, courgette and sweet potato, with added pac choi and cauliflower in the large.

Our traditional bags will have cabbage, flat beans, leeks, beets and cauliflower.

The fruit box will have Gala apples, bananas, mandarins, grapes and Red Bartlett pears.

Please bear with us as supply is short in Europe at the moment, so there are sometimes difficulties in our orders from our wholesalers. All items are subject to change depending on availability on packing day.


Yr wythnos hon mae gennym ni datws, moron a winwns ym mhob bag.

Bydd ein bagiau premiwm yn cynnwys ffa fflat, pupur coch, broccoli porffor, tomatos ceirios a sicori, gyda letys yn y canolig a sbigoglys yn y mawr.

Bydd ein bagiau bargen yn cynnwys chard bach, cennin, pupur gwyrdd, courgette a tatws melys, gyda blodfresych a pac choi yn y mawr.

Bydd ein bagiau traddodiadol yn cynnwys bresych, ffa fflat, betys, cennin a blodfresych.

Bydd y blwch ffrwythau yn cynnwys afalau Gala, bananas, madarinau, grawnwin a gellyg Red Bartlett..

Gall pob eitem newid yn dibynnu ar argaeledd ar ddiwrnod pacio.