making our boxes more seasonal

I hope you’re all having a lovely week! This week we’ve got some news about developments at Banc and some changes that we’ll be making. At the core of what we do is care for our planet. Growing food locally and without harmful inputs, food that is adapted to our climate and always the freshest and most seasonal it can be is not only one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves, but it’s also one of the kindest things we can do for our environment. The fewer miles our veg travels to get to our doorsteps, the less packaging used in that transport, the lighter our footprint on the earth. When we grow our own veg, we are on that journey all the way, from seed to harvest to delivery, and that is why we are going to be streamlining the variety of boxes we offer into one type of box. So, there will no longer be the choice of premium, bargain and traditional, but just one box, full to the brim with produce that is seasonal, and as local as possible, available in four different sizes (large, medium, small and introducing the mini for those who have a smaller appetite). We’ll prioritise our own produce, then Welsh produce and then UK produce. There will occasionally be items from Europe in the boxes (it’s quite hard to find organic chestnut mushrooms grown in the UK, for example, and as we approach the hungry gap in April, there will be relatively little UK produce available ), but the majority of the produce for the majority of the year in the set boxes will be UK grown. This might mean sometimes you’ll receive veg that you’re a little less familiar with, but don’t worry – we’ll be providing simple recipes every week to help you get the most out of your harvest!

In addition to our new boxes being more seasonal and better for the planet, there are also quite practical reasons for the change. With Covid isolation rules and stricter paperwork requirements after Brexit, we are noticing more of our bought-in veg has to be subbed for something else or refunded to you as it is missing connections in Europe or getting caught up in customs at the border. So another positive of this change is that we’ll be able to make good on what we’re offering in our boxes.

The pricing for the boxes will be as follows:
Large – £19.95 with subscription/£21.95 without
Medium – £14.95 with subscription/£16.45 without
Small – £10.45 with subscription/£11.45 without
Mini – £8.00 with subscription/£8.95 without

This change only affects our set boxes. We will continue to offer the range of fruit and veg that you are used to in our web shop (produce which, if from abroad, is always shipped, never flown), and if you do choose a set box, you can always supplement the contents by choosing extras each week.

These changes will take place from week commencing 31st January.