Our new company

Gwendraeth Organics CIC

Banc Organics is now officially handed over to Gwendraeth Organics CIC.

At this point we would very much like to thank Ty’r Eithin farm for providing us with an umbrella organization as well as many practical resources and inputs. Both the charity and the people involved with it put in an amazing amount in order to get us up and running and support us over the last 10 years. We would not be where we are today without them. In particular we must thank Sue Matthews for incredible hard work and dedication. We wish Sue and Tony good luck and happiness in their retirement and new life.

We now look forward to an independent future, with a more focused and dynamic organization aiming to do more. In a way the timing is perfect, the current crisis has thrown into stark relief the problems with the current food system and we have been there to step in and deliver where people need it. We have trebled the size of our operation in the last 3 weeks and demand has gone through the roof. This of course has been very demanding and on top of the change-over has made a lot of work, so please bear with us.

There are many challenges to come, to develop a sustainable, community-based food growing and distribution operation. We have many investments we need to make, staff we need to recruit and we still need to secure another growing site (Top Meadow is just too small). It is a desperately difficult and, for too many, tragic time. We are happy we are doing our bit to help. We are also excited about the prospect of playing a significant role in recovery and building a more sustainable community and food system in the future