polytunnels, potatoes and lots and lots of seedlings

It’s been a busy week in the fields for Martin and our wonderful volunteers. Polytunnels have been re-erected, potatoes are now in the ground and tomato plants are coming along well in the tunnels.

It’s that time of year where every grower everywhere approaches having more seedlings than space to put them in (fellow gardeners, I know you can relate!), but the weather is warming up, and soon that brown expanse of field we posted a couple of weeks ago will be full of seeds and seedlings and baby plants.

If you have a few spare hours a week and would like to learn more about sowing, growing and harvesting organic produce, or if you just want to spend some time in the open air close to our lovely Welsh land, or even if you just want to have a natter and a cuppa, please do use the contact form and get in touch with us about volunteering opportunities.

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