quick and delicious beetroot salad

One or two beetroot feeds 2 people depending on the beetroot size. (One bunch should feed four, and this salad will keep quite well in the fridge too for a day or so.)
Some spring onion/red onion/chives/shallots according to what you have available- you won’t need a lot- 1-2 spring onions is enough for 2 of us

To prepare your salad peel the beetroots and trim their leaves. I use a potato peeler as the skin is very fine at this time of year. I then just grate the beetroot on a cheese grater. Try not to grate your fingers!
Chop the spring onion or what you are using and make this quite fine. Combine beetroot and onion in a bowl with your salad dressing.
You can add some parsley or coriander on top before serving to give a lift to the colour and flavour.
Keep the beetroot leaves, they can be cooked and used like chard or spinach.

Salad dressing
3 tablespoons olive/rapeseed/ sunflower or other oil
1 tablespoon vinegar – cider vinegar/ wine vinegar or balsamic
Salt and pepper to taste

This is the most basic salad dressing. I often whisk in some French Dijon mustard – about 1/2 -1 teaspoon, according to taste. Fresh garlic chopped fine is good too and a teaspoon or so of tahini will thicken and enrich a dressing. Or all of these!

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